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Need bait update for Dana Point.

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What kind of bait is in the receivers right now?
Sardines? Anchovies? Squid? Mix? Siiiiiize?

What's the price for a 1/2 scoop and whole scoop these days?

What's the best time to arrive to get away from being trapped
in line when the Party Boats converge on the bait receiver?

Thank You for the feedback!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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I think the winter schedule for the party boats has the leaving at 6:30 and 7:00. You shouldn't have to wait too long even if you get there at the same time. The problems last year were from barge construction and lots of party boats. Winter is pretty low key.


Sardines 4 - 7"

* Dana Point Bait Barge is open 24/7
* Updates are made as new supplies arrive or as existing supplies are exhausted
* updated 01/19/06 4:30 PM

1/2 scoop (5 pounds) $20.00
1 scoop (10 pounds) $30.00
11/2 scoop (15 pounds) $45.00

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Are they using a tennis racket for a bait net these days?
Thanks for the quick feedback Eric!
50/50 at the moment whether I'll make it manana.

Hey John, if you have the time try and catch a few of the nice sized Jack Smelt that live around the reciever and while out fishing don't hesitate to send a lizard back down with a nice 5/0 thru it's nose ;)
The past few times i got bait at Dana, the bait was great. Nice size dines, and decent scoops. My bait tank is a home made job. about 25 gallons.....they sell me a $10 scoop if i ask....keeps the bait from beating the crap out of its self.....I always toss them a $5 or $10 tip...I would rather take a small scoop and give a go0d tip with the money saved, rather then give a small tip and have dead bait a few hours later. :)

A handful of healthy bait is better then a tank full of beat bait.

I also saw on another board, Dana does not have squid...
they said,

"Not a big enough demand" everyone, start asking for it.

Hats of to Dana Bait.
Sardines have been excellent.
Not many people buying bait this time of year, so it's been pretty cured stuff lately.

Andrea and Heather usually bait everyone up.
Very nice crew!
Half scoop is usually plenty for the day, with left over.
Seems this time of year, quanity is better.
In the season, there can sometimes be more of your standard amount, to try and bait up mass amount of PB'ers and the Sporties.

Standard stops at the Barber Poles, Kelp, and Local Reefs will usually provide some Mac's and Smelt.
Just look for the lobster traps on your way down, to find some structure.
You might even meter and jig up some squid anywheres from the S/C Pier to the Domes.

I might me out tomorrow to do a prop test 14X20.(4 blade)
Looking for better economy, this might be the one?

Probably make a few drifts and go in early.
If I hear anything good, I'll call you on ch.72
E-mail or call me if you need more info.

Jersey Bro.
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Andrea and Heather you say, well bait me up.

On my way down? Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . .
I plan on making a right turn if I get out, at least initially.
I may have my Son with me, not sure yet.
We'll be looking for hoop and dive spots if he's along.

I'll call you if I get out Jim!

Thank You for the added information.

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