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Hey guys,
I wanted to get you opinion on a purchase. I have been looking around and found a few possibilities and now need to make my decesion on which to purchase. They are a 1998 21 ft proline with the 4.3 liter motor with volvo duroprop. The boat and motor has about 400 hours and is in good shape. The negatives on it are it has been primarily in the water since new and the trailer that comes with it is not galvanized. I went down and looked at a couple of striper 1851's yesterday (19ft) and found one with a 4.3 with volvo outdrive and also one with a 4 stroke outboard. Both were in very good shape and on galvanized trailers with no bottom paint. I am planning on using the boat for mostly local and catalina trips and will be storing it on the trailer my question is is the striper 1851 enough boat to do this in or is it a little too small ? Opinions please.

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I think you want to ask yourself a number of questions.

How long do I plan on owning the boat?
Do I have a mechanic lined-up for whatever the make and model motor the boat has currently?
Will I have enough room on an 18-21 foot boat if I take friends and/or family?
Will I have enough room on an 18-21 foot boat for multi-day trips because Iâ??ll need to take extra stuff?
Does it have all the hardware (radar, fish finder, GPS, vhf, at minimum) you need?
Does it have the fishing space you need?
Does it have a GOOD bait tank?
Is there enough room for multiple ice-chests (food, fish, drinks)?
If youâ??re a diver, is there enough room to store all your diving gear/tanks/stuff?
Why is the owner selling the boat?
Does the owner have all the paperwork for the boat, motor, and trailer repairs?
Does the owner have all the paperwork for X-hours services that have been done?
Have you had any of the boats/motors inspected my a Marine Surveyor?
Just because they appear to be okay . . . under the covers they might be a mess.
If you have a girlfriend or wife and/or kids will the boat work for them also?
Is the boat something that might be used in freshwater?
Can you store the boat on the trailer in your city?
DO I want a boat built for comfort, or speed, or both?
How much money are you willing to spend?
What is the CAP on money you have to play with?
Is there chicken BLEEP fixes that Iâ??ll need to fix and/or upgrade once I purchase the boat?
And after you ask yourself these questions ask yourself,
Does this boat really meet MY needs for what I really want to do?
Will the boat be safe in ALL ocean conditions?

An 18 foot boat can be enough to successfully make an island trip.
Throw in some wind or rain or swells, or all of them together,
and all of a sudden the boat might not be big enough and meet all of your needs.
I didnâ??t even mention WINTER yet. Safety first!

Start by asking yourself these questions okay . . .

Also, DONâ??T be afraid to ask for some help from someone from the board to go take a peek at the boat with you.

GOOD LUCK with your purchase!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.

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What John said above and heres my 2 cents. I own a 2001 1851 WA 150 outboard. I have taken it off shore and to Catalina with no problems. I don't think I will be doing a Catalina trip in the winter when the wind and swell are up. Its a small boat for heavy surf. Like John said safety first.

I would have no problem taking 4 people to Catalina for the day but its very tight. If the fishing is good it could mean a lot of tangled lines. Its a great 2 person fishing boat. When it comes to boats I think bigger is better. Get the biggest boat you can afford with the equipment you want (see John's post for possible equipment.)

For me I do more local fishing than Catalina so the 1851 is great. I also got it for a great price so I couldn't pass it up.

If you have any specific questions about the 1851 send me an e-mail.

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Let me be the negative one.

Do you really want or need a boat?? BOAT. BREAK OUT ANOTHER THOUSAND!!!

How often will you use the boat?? Do you live close to the water or do you have to tow it 30 miles to get to the water??

There are lots of hidden costs to boat ownership such as insurance, property tax (this is a new one for me, that I had to pay), and the initial outlay for the boat. What about the improvements that you want to make, such as electronics, better bait tank. Regular routine maintenance?? Marine parts are not cheap.

why not jump on a party boat (limite load, of course) or make good friends w/ boats??

Having said that, if you really want a boat, buy the biggest boat you can afford. Trust me, and I'm sure everyone here will agree, if you choose a 18', next year, you'll want a 21, the following yr, a 23', so on.

Can a 18' make it to cat?? Sure it can. I've made it to cat on a 14' boat. you just need to be very smart and careful. There are times when you wouldn't be safe in a 100'er.. Just keep an eye on the whether, and if you must, plan on staying over night.

one more thing.


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After reading your question, and the following coments there are a couple of other things you might want to consider. Boats can be financed for a very long time lowering the monthly payments, so consider getting a new rig that you won't have to worry about working on right away.And also get what you want. What type of tow vehicle do you have? Larger boat equals larger truck. Wait until the fall when boat dealers are willing to lower their prices, even on used boats. Usually when you buy a used boat[never happens with anyone on Allcoast] you buy sombody elses problems. Would never buy a boat the size of the one you are thinking of that has been kept in the water that long. OK, my two cents worth. Mark/Time Out

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Another question: Are you planning on using your new boat for only day trips? Overnight trips on an 18' boat are no fun.

I would say that 18' boats are great for 1-2 people fishing for up 10 hours on the water. If you have more passengers and plan to fish long days or overnight....go with the 21 footer.

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I had a small 12 ft. boston whaler in Washington for lake fishing. I could almost carry that little guy on my back. No joking! I just started boating again and went straight to a 26 ft. Striper (used 2001). Do yourself a favor and find a good hull and engine surveyor, then spend the money for one. A GOOD surveyor will find defects that the owner never knew existed. Be careful with the wanna be surveyors. Be present for the surveys and ask lots of questions. Make sure they pull the props if it has been sitting in h2o for years. They will most likely pull them regardless. I'm not sure where your located, but I used Sharpe Surveyors and Consultants in the Bay Area. Randy Sharpe is retired USCG and an excellent surveyor. I was very pleased with his work, but he only surveys hulls.
I went straight to a 26 ft. per a friends recommendation and I'm glad I did, or I would most likely be back to square one of trying to sell a 18 ft. boat to purchase a larger one.
Good Luck.

26' Striper
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