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Hi Gang. Well I have been playing with some ideas with the variations of Throops and Colbys technique and the Moire effect. In this set of experiments I have a full layer one the bottom of either two or three threads, then a couple coats of finish, then a sticker then a coat of finish, then and open layer in the opposite direction with two more coats of finish and finally another open layer in the opposite direction of the first open layer and two coats of finish. I am posting the pictures though you cant see the full effect because of reducing the size of the picture. If anything peaks your interest and you want a better picture you can send me an email and I will send you the full sized version. Now for a couple disclaymers. You may note that the finish is heavy on one side of some of the samples. Well I did the samples on 1/4" dowel and it was terribly warped with a huge bow in it, so when I put it in the dryer it looked like a skip rope going around. Also because I was in such a hurry I didnt apply the CP as even as usual on a couple of the samples so there are a couple with artifacts. Anyway just way you all to see there is plenty of room in these techniques for variation, in fact I know of another rod builder working or another fun idea again with stickers and tiger wraps. Oh by the way I used Bill Mar Decals and found them to be superior in size to fish ratio and they were much easier to place than others I have tried in the past. I really love how they are sized to fit the appropriate blank to be used for each species. Give em a look if you need stickers. I also have pictures of the backs of the wraps with no sticker that just shows the moire effect of 3 layers of thread.


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