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New to board and new to the area

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Hi all,
I'm new to the board and just got an 18' Seaswirl Stripper. I'm looking forward to fishing the local So Ca area. Hopefully I can get some tips from you experienced anglers. Not sure when I'm going to get out next but when I do I'll post and ask for some suggestions on where to fish. Thanks

18' Striper "Finaddict"
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Welcome to the board! I look forward to your future reports.
Welcome. Lots of great info and friends here.
Photo Ho
Hi there Finnaddict ,

If you're new to PBing here in Southern California, you might want to look at Mark Wisch's book on SoCal PBer fishing.... if you haven't already! Excellent..... in print! I have it and I'm not even owned by a boat!

The book ...... you'll like .... Heck .... you might even snag an autographed copy!

Thanks for the info on the book.

18' Striper "Finaddict"
The "It's A Keeper" GPS Fish Finding Guide is a must have GPS book for anyone just starting out here in Southern California. It is a user friendly book that covers from Point Conception to the Mexican border.
Coastal spots and inshore reefs, all the islands and offshore banks, far outside banks, harbor maps and bait locations.
Boat safety information and bonus Halibut landmark spots for all of Santa Monica Bay.
Welcome to ALLCOAST Jerry, WE look forward to your reports!
Try the Technical Private Boaters Board also, extremly smart technical people on it.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Welcome and good luck in your new boat.

Hook Up! Cory
Thanks for the welcome. I guess Finnaddict is a common name so AllCoast made me change my user name. I'll go with my old stand by of Halfprice. I hope to give and get some fish reports soon.

My brother in law and I will have to come up with a name for the boat soon. When we do I will post it. Hope to see you on the water.

18' Seaswirl Striper
I think I spoke to you last evening while I was at Catalina Welcome aboard.
Welcome guy. Hay, where can I go to buy a stripper?:p
Hi Blackfish,
I see your yellow lab pic. I bet he likes the boat and water. I have 2 black labs but I have not taken them on the boat yet. They love the water a lot. I hope they don't jump off for a swim. Nothing better than being with your hunting partner, the lab, in a field or blind. I hope they like the boat.


18' Seaswirl Striper
I was just wondering if I might have left some clothing on the boat this weekend..
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Hey Jerry,

Just saw your post

That's my dog Jeff....he loved being with me and near/on/in the water.

He was alright on the boat, but liked to be on land more.

He died about 3 months ago..great dog. We just adopted a new one...2.5 years old. Pretty good dog....he's no Jeff, but we were looking for a new dog, and not a replacement. :)

Happy New Year.
Welcome Jerry,
Looking forward to your reports!
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