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I thought I would share my winter project with you.
It might help someone that has this type of top.
I bought this boat in New Jersey 4 years ago and it needed a new top then. Pipewelders in Florida made the original tower and top so I called them for the right technique and tips. I got my canvas guy to make a new top but he said he has never done an install like this so I took on the job myself. We started with the buggy top first to get a feel for the job before taking on the big top and it went well. It's called lace-less for a reason. It's fastened to the tower pipe by a small metal trim and screws.

You can see in this photo the stitching is shot and seams in the front were leaking.

We removed the radome, outriggers, upper floor and old top. I think it was made of Weblon.

While the top was off I washed and waxed the framework and painted the welds. There is some pitting, luckily it's in areas that don't show to bad.]

The new top, made of Stamoid, is 3-4" long. Once you get it place with clamps you put the trim and all the screws back in. Then with the help of my son we took out 2 or 3 screws at a time and pulled the top down tight with duckbill pliers and put the screws back working all around the top until it's as tight as a drum.

Once you get it all tight you razor blade the excess off at the trim.

Then replace the radar dome, fiberglass floor, outriggers and windows.


The install of the top took us about 4 hours, the rest of the work we did took days. A fun project though, I learned something new and spent some time with my teenage son.

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I have to do this soon. Not looking forward to the rigging work, but you made it look easy. Real easy. Funny thing, though your laceless install is rare, it is a slick way to do it. My canvas guy said it is the first time he's seen my laced one.. It feels funny to have an odd duck. Your install is super clean, good job!
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