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Went down to the groins for some late afternoon fishing Saturday. Got down around 6 and the wind was howeling. walked a couple streets before I found any takers, or any area where i could actually feel the rod tip bending froms something other then the wind. Used the camo gulp worms on some red size 4 owner mosquito hooks and a sliding egg singer rig. managed 10 decent sized perch in about a hour and a half. left the fish biting as the wind became just too much.

Mother's Day went down again around 230 3 with my mom and family. same set up, same story. caught another 10-12 fish in about the same amount of time before my mom and brothers wanted to go back home and get ready for dinner. Its nice to see that the perch are seeming to get a bit bigger as the season progresses. biggest fish was probably around 9 inches. most rest were around 6 or 7. got a picture of my biggest one on my phone but didnt turn out too great with the glare.

all fish were caught in relatively shallow watter, a majojrity of them in a few feet or less in some nice sized holes the surf had kicked up. all released to be caught another day.
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