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Current DLNR Regulations Prohibits The Capture of Pacific Threadfin "Mo'i", Spiny & Slipper Lobster & Kona Crab Between June1-Aug31!

DLNR "Department of Land & Natural Resources" is a State run organization that regulates & protects the oceans to the forests of Hawai'i's fragile ecosystem. They're under-manned with a limited yearly budget employing a limited patrol force here in Hawaii.

The Mo'i season was first employed by the ancient Hawaiians who like the American Indians were one with the land. They knew when the Mo'i were spawning & created a strict "kapu" system of enforcement to see that the people & the land were one by not exploiting their natural resources. Besides the Mo'i Spiny & Slipper Lobsters to Kona Crabs are also protected in this time slot as well.

If you have any questions regarding local Hawai'i regulations go to this site to view local DAR "Division of Aquatic Resources" notices & announcements-
Division of Aquatic Resources



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