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We need a good representative....any nominees??


California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative

Request for Nominations to the

South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group

June 23, 2008

Through Thursday, July 18, 2008 the California Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative is accepting nominations for appointments to the MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group. The MLPA South Coast Study Region extends from Point Conception (Santa Barbara County) to the California/Mexico border (San Diego County), including offshore islands. The MLPA Initiative seeks individuals committed to successfully completing the regional stakeholder group process in the south coast by November 2009.

Charge of the MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group

The MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (SCRSG) will provide a forum for:

Providing local expertise and knowledge of the south coast study region for refining a regional profile and informing the MLPA planning process,
Evaluating existing marine protected areas within the south coast study region with relation to the goals of the MLPA,
Developing alternative proposals for marine protected areas within the south coast study region that meet the requirements of the MLPA,
Conducting outreach to constituent groups for involvement in the MLPA South Coast Project,
Identifying potential speakers to present regional stakeholder group recommendations and commentary at MLPA public meetings, and
Striving for a high degree of cross-interest involvement and support in crafting marine protected area proposals.

To address these and other issues in a collaborative manner, the regional stakeholder group will work with a facilitation team, a science advisory team, and staff from the MLPA Initiative and California Department of Fish and Game. The primary focus of deliberations will be the public sessions of the group. The SCRSG will not finalize any proposals outside the public sessions of the group.

From October 2008 to November 2009 the SCRSG will meet approximately nine times in two-day plenary meetings, and will also meet in three to four additional one-day work sessions. The first meeting of the SCRSG will be held October 6-7, 2008 somewhere within the study region (between Santa Barbara and San Diego).

Most SCRSG meetings will be held in centrally located areas, but some will be held in the northern and southern parts of the study region to accommodate all stakeholder group members and the public. The time commitment necessary to prepare for and actively participate in the meetings and on work teams is likely to be substantial. Upon request, SCRSG members will be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Criteria for Selection

Members of the MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group are expected to have the following attributes:

Able to bring first-hand knowledge and perspective to bear on the marine resources of the MLPA South Coast Study Region,
Able to balance a south coast regional perspective with localized knowledge,
Willing to express fundamental interests (as opposed to fixed positions) and to clearly convey the interests of one or more stakeholder groups,
Capable of working collaboratively, seeking to integrate the interests of the full range of constituencies,
Able to access and use an effective communication network to reach stakeholders not attending the public meetings, and
Committed to completing all aspects of the charge of the regional stakeholder group.

Note: Knowledge or experience with geographic information systems (GIS) is helpful but not required.

Taken together, selections will be made to achieve a diversity of stakeholder perspectives, expertise, and geography. Efforts by multiple stakeholder groups to nominate a single individual are encouraged. The chair of the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force and director of the California Department of Fish and Game will appoint members to the MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group. The list of nominees appointed to the SCRSG membership will be announced on or before September 26, 2008.

Format of Nominations

Nominations should include the following information:

Nominee name and complete contact information, including email address,
A short statement to confirm how the applicant meets each of the selection criteria listed above,
Where appropriate, identify current and past affiliations with stakeholder groups active in marine resource management,
A brief summary of past involvement in the MLPA or similar collaborative public processes to provide advice on natural resource policy or planning,
Willingness to commit the time for full participation,
Descriptions of the organizations and individuals with which the nominee will communicate,
Specific communication and outreach mechanisms to be utilized (give examples), and
Areas of knowledge or expertise relevant to the project.

Nominations must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 18, 2008 at one of the following:

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 916.653.8102 (Attention: Melissa Miller-Henson)

Mail: Marine Life Protection Act Initiative

c/o California Resources Agency

1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1311

Sacramento, CA 95814

Attention: Melissa Miller-Henson
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