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Made bait after work yesterday so I could hit the early morning high tide at the go to spot. Haven't been out since last week so I was pretty fired up to get out early this monring so I left the house at 4am. Got to the spot and started fishing at 5am. Conditions where:Clear sky, small surf, warm water and lots of debris. There was good fishing early, by 5:30am I went two for two and C&R'ed two nice corbs. As the tide started doing it's thing the debris field moved in and you couldn't keep a bait in the water for more than a minute before it was covered with debris. Still saw some nice ones cruising the skinny , just couldn't get a bait to them. Bailed at 8:20am to go open the tackle shop.

Bean #1 about 20"

Bean # 2 mug shot

Bean #2 full view, about 23"

Tight lines,
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