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My Flanker Speed Jig Lure Took 4 Strikes in 1hr!

Today i stayed out only 1hr at first light. Tide dropped extremely fast in that time & rocks were exposed so i didn't want to loose my lure. I was targeting Jacks but only Barracudas were striking today. Used FishLab's Flanker Speed Jig Lure at 4-1/2in at 1oz. I can tell it's rear weighted for distance as the lure wobbles in mid-flight but stabilizes out straight during it's fall.

I'm getting extreme distances casting this larger sized lure. The smaller Flanker lure is 3-1/3in at 3/4oz (need to try this size next). I was using Okuma's new for 2022 10'6" SST 1062M Float 2pc spinning rod with a ITX 3000 Reel filled with 10lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel. If you plan on using this lure it is described as a sinking lure. I found it to be a slow sinking lure as i'm casting far in only a few feet of water.



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