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Ocean Odyssey Mothership Kayak

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This trip was our maiden voyage with kayaks. The charter was Put together by Rik at San Diego Kayak Adventures. Everything ran a lot smoother than I had anticipated. Many of the kayak fisherman said that they caught the largest Calico Bass of their career. With the smallest fish being 3 lbs and the larger ones pushing 9, I would say that was some quality fishing. They could have taken their limit but were very conservative on what was brought to the boat and at days end Ocean Odyssey had only 30 fish in the freezer. Top fisherman had 51 released fish with a few others well into the 40's. We have another 1.5 day trip planned for October 11th with a few spots left.
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DMG - pics please! I worked this on this boat in Redondo - Ghostboy!
I would love to post some pics, but none of the guys have e mailed them to me yet. I have some pics of the launching of the kayaks, the rack and loading gear, but no fishy pics.

If you were on that trip, post your pictures please. Thanks

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