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Powerful Fighter! Took Out Over 1/2 Spool By The Time I Got To It!

This wasn't the spot i wanted to hit today. I wanted to shore jig my Mezashi Jigs that Mustad sent me to field test. But i had some anglers actually following me since early morning. Really? So i used my back-up rigs from the car after i got to this spot. Lost my "stragglers" thank goodness. Some people got to understand that everyone needs their space, especially when they ask for it.

I kinda shied away from surf casting, plugging, almost every form of fishing except one. Shore jigging. I used to love jigging off Florida over reefs & wrecks years ago. Now i'm re-learner using better types of jigs provided my Mustad & equipment from Okuma Fishing. A great one-two punch!

I had a few hours left in the morning. So i set my Okuma 10' Nesika Surf Rod & my 4K Blue Azores w/20lb Eminent Braid rig out with a live crab. Used a 3-1/2ft Seaguar Fluorocarbon leader as a ran out of Fluoro-Stretch w/a Mustad Ringed O'Shaunessy Hook. Then i left my rig to jig my Mezashi's 50yd away. But after 10min i was called back. Wow!! Almost 3/4 of the spool was emptied & was still emptying at a high rate of speed! I thought i hooked either a +10lb Bonefish or a small GT. Haven't heard that reel sing so loudly in a long time.

So i decided just to go home. Got my excitement for the day. Seems recently i can only hook large Bonefish from shore. Getting boring. I was looking for large Jacks for my jigs to tame. This past summer was the best time i had doing that!



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