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I have an old Saber 500, that I've had for years.
The only info on the rod is "Saber 500".
There is no line rating or length of rod.
The rod length I measured is now 74-1/4".
The tip was broken off.
I'm not sure the length of the broken tip maybe 6" or more.
The reel seat is a Fuji FFS-22.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In advance,
Tight Lines.

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The Sabre 500 was a 7' Medium taper rod, rated 20-30lb best fished with 25. Tip size was 8/64ths. sounds like you lost about 8"
Calstar still makes the blank in e-glass.

I used one for shallow water rockfish for years before a car door shortened it considerably :)
you could always cut another foot off and use it for a gaff.
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