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Opinion on Boat Purchase

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I am looking to possibly purchase a new boat. I had a 22ft striper that the engine went bad on and i sold a couple of years ago since then i havent been fishing much and havent had a boat. I am looking to purchase something in the next few months and wanted some opinions. I will be mainly using the boat for local and catalina trips with the possibility of going to S.D. in the summers. I am thinking center console to maximize the fishing area somewhere in the 18-23ft range. I am looking to spend under 20k. I wanted to get anyones experince with cc's as my other boat was a 21ft striper cuddy cabin. I am looking at a couple of 80's 18ft whaler outrages and a couple of makos. Anyone with experience and pros or cons on either of these hulls or advice in general would be appreciated. Thanks
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i have NO experience with either of those hulls, but i have been fishing on a center console for probably 10 or more years. first on a 21' CC without a t-top, and currently on a 23' CC with a t-top. we've taken both boats a LOT of places. catalina, san diego, morro bay, avila, loreto, san quintin, ensenada....and so forth. there's not any place within gas range we won't take the boat. so i'd probably be a pretty good source of info on the topic. however, i'm more than a little busy right now and for the next two weeks studying for a test. however, after the 23rd of this month i'll have a bunch of free time. so, if you have some specific questions i can take a VERY little amount of time to answer them. but if you just want a general pros/cons run-down on CC's give me a couple of weeks, and after the test i can send you an email, or however, and then i can make a list for you (if everyone else hasn't done it already).

Gettin' Ugly
Everything is for sale for the right price, I just brought this home over the weekend, is this what your leaning toward?

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Isn't that brick pilot house a little heavy ?
Photo Ho
>Isn't that brick pilot house a little heavy ?
> Photo Ho

A few more with out the bricks!

I substituted a palm tree!!!

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By the way Kid...that's a real sweet looking rig.
Dude, I love that Mako, and is exactly what I am looking for.....Maybe a test ride some time? BTW....Awesome Catalina View from the Crib!
Thanks Robert and Bill for the kind words!!!

I love Mako's, they're designed for fishing but not exactly for West Coast fishing. One little project with most Makos is running the plumbing for the bait tank because of the location of the fuel tank. Right now most of the deck is up and off and I'm struggling a little to get the plumbing figured out. Once I get it figured out if anyone is really interested in the boat I'd be more than happy to take them out for a ride. If the right buyer comes along I'll sell it and find another one. I purchased this one in Texas as you see it and had the entire suspension including axels replaced along with converting over to disc brakes and new tires, the previous owner replaced two rims and I'll be replacing the other two so it looks pretty!
Nice Rig Stefan, 200 ponies? Hey, Did you run it on the water yet
>Nice Rig Stefan, 200 ponies? Hey, Did you run it on the water

225 hp Y, the previous owner told me that she'll do 42 kts empty, I started to LMAO at that point. I got her to do 60 kts, but that was on the trailer coming from Texas!!!!
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