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Parker 2320 For Sale.

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See the details on the Sports Boats for Sale Board. HardFish'n.
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Hey Mike . . are you buying a newer bigger boat?

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Yes John. Any day now they are going to start laying up the hull for a brand new 26ft Blackman Outer Banks. HardFish'n. Killer-diller!
Hey Hardfishin,
I currently have 27 Pursuit. Allways had a eye for a Blackman with its range and mileage.Allways been a outboard guy too.
Can you list some features and benefits of the Blackman that made you switch.
Thanks Tom
How much would a similar size Parker equipped with a diesel run both new and used? Does it make sense to go with diesel on say a 25 Parker? Our #2 diesel is running about 50-cents higher than gas. It use to be diesel was around 1/2 the cost of gas. What gives?
Try this out. Right now I have a 225 Four Stroke on my boat. I get about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 mpg at cruse and pay about 2.55 per gal. at the gas station. Fuel data from other Blackman boats suggest that I could get 2 1/2 to 3 mpg. at cruse and 4 mpg trolling. Resently, someone posted on one of the bosrds that thay paid x amount for diesel and baught x anount of gallions at a fuel dock. Worked out to about 2.35 a gallion. And it should be cheaper at a fuel dock because there are no hiway taxes. So I could end up getting better mpg while paying less per gallion with a diesel. (I hope I hope). HardFish'n.
Tom wfowahoo. The Blackman gives me the best blend of fishability and live aboard aminities on a trailer boat of the correct seze. A huge cockpit with a cabin that has a dinet (sp?), fully inclosed head and hot shower. No engine box for the diesel. It's fully under the deck. The 26 Outerbanks has a fully inclosed cabin like my Parker. And Blackman boats will go a long way to customize the layout of the boat the way you want it.
I saw a Blackmann pilot house on the highway near my house. It was one of the most pretty things I have ever seen. It sold me right there on the spot. GET IT IF YOU CAN ! How much is it. I guess $150.00.
Anyways its my dream right now. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!!
Fully rigged, tax included. That's about right. Trying to keep it between 145 and 150 grand. HardFish'n.
I bought my Blackman 26 outterbanks diesel 8 months ago, used 1 year old at the time. There are a lot of great boats out there and I looked at a lot of other boats, but in my eyes nothing could touch Blackman boats. Plus I paid under a 100 fully loaded. If any body ever wants to take a look, fish or cruise the harbor let me know. I keep it in the water in Long beach. Thanks Joe
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