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Best Practice To Use If You Plan On Releasing Fish!

The lure i'm using today is a 1oz 4-1/2in sinking Flanker Speed Jig Lure by FishLab. As long as i keep my retrieval speed up this is a sub-surface lure. Recently i've decided to release most of my catch.Now if a friend ask for fish i'll keep them. I either will use sub-surface lures or sinking jigs from the shoreline. Call it my 1-2 punch. All depends on water clarity.

This day was horrible. Raining. Cloudy. Muggy. Windy. Muggy, oh wait i said muggy. Lol. I was hoping that the surface disruptions made from this lure would attract attention. It didn't. So on a shallow cast i felt the lure bounce off of something, yup! But there was nothing for it to bounce off? Only dirty muddy water. Yuck. Then i saw a telltale "V" from the spot the lure touched down & Strike!

This is a first for me. I smacked a Jack "Papi'o" with that lure and it turned around to attack my lure! Wow! When i tried to remove the treble hook i was amazed by the multiple puncture wounds inside the mouth. The lure was lodged in tight but it was swirling around inside the mouth making multiple puncture wounds before finding that "sweet spot". Look at the outside blood spots to confirm.

Now i did throw the Jack into a tidal pond to make sure if it could swim. In a minute that tough fish was ok. So instead of keeping it i released it back. Just wanted to share why some of us C&R shoreline anglers will take that extra effort to pinch in our treble barb tips. Even on our single pointed hooks.



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