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Please name this board.

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Please name this board, all suggestions will be considered.

Thank You.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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I think the name is fine the way it is.
PB BS Board
Good idea!
John, you know you're setting yourself up for an entaining thread, don't you? :)

How about "Private Boaters non-Report, non-Technical, if you want to whine about this board being here do so on this board, Board" :)

Or how about just "Private Boaters General Information Board"

Eric -
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I think the BS board has a nice ring to it.

Leave it as is.
Private Boaters Roundtable Board - PBRB....

It would be nice to move it up the menu just under the other PB Boards, imho.
From the ALLCOAST webmaster.

"I have gone through everything and there doesn't seem
to be a utility for reordering that dropdown list.
It will allow the resorting of the boards themself
but nothing to control that drop down and I see it
lists boards that have been deactivated as well.
Yet another bug in our current board software."

>Private Boaters Roundtable Board - PBRB....
>It would be nice to move it up the menu just under the other
>PB Boards, imho.

i think that's a great name. gives the idea that it's open for opinions and chatter and debates.

Gettin' Ugly
PBBS board is perfect. Thanks John for creating a board just for me.:eek:
Whats up John? The hunting has been good. This big swell and the one thats coming this week should definately put a damper on the target species,come on April. How about the "Whine and Cheese board".

Take care,
The "yet another board we don't really need" board.
Hey there Jsea,

Can't whine without making some kind of re-naming suggestion I guess. I like PB Roundtable although (maybe only to me) it rings slightly ... huummm ...not exactly haughty ...... not really pompus .... maybe a tad elegantarian.

How about 'Private Boaters- Other'

Might peek peoples interest too! :)

RE: Please END this board.

While initially I was attracted to the sound of a "P.B.B.S.Board", I would prefer that we put an end such a new board please... We already have tooooo many B.S. boards to keep up with, IMO.
Hey John,

My vote is for something other than "BS". It's not appropriate for some of the postings with no other place to go, such as "John Jensen's Wife".

My suggestion - "Private Boater's Smorgasboard"
I like the "Whine and Cheese" Board

How about "THE BILGE"
A/K/A Private Boat "Fin-Addict"
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>The "yet another board we don't really need" board.

Did you buy a boat Mark?

BS board is good.

For that, I'll ride with you and Arnold/ziff when you head out.

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