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POP "Pacific Ocean Producers" Hawaii's Mega Fishing & Boating Headquarters!

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My Favorite Boating & Fishing Equipment Outlet in Hawaii!

I go to POP maybe 1-2x a month. It's a far drive for me & traffic is always an issue going into town. But i love that place! The ambiance is good & the workers there are extremely helpful. During my trips i often meet new boat owners to anglers with questions. Most of the staff there know me & often introduce me to give advise.

I've sold large ticket items for POP. Mostly trolling gear to new boat owners. Also tips on how to deck out a diving to a fishing boat. Over the years i've owned many & always brought it to POP where they allowed me to work on it in the parking lot while purchasing needed equipment from them to do so. In return i've equipped many boats for them as most of the boats are sold by my friend Joe Adams & Mark Fragale at Windward Boats. After awhile i know how to do my own modifications.

Then 1 day Okuma messaged me asking why none of the new jigging rods have sold locally. So i asked POP to set-up what they had & for me to give it a whack. By lunchtime i sold almost every rod except one that went back on display. Then my friend there took me to Nicos for lunch. This is why i love that place! More like a mom & pop store than a big business (and the reason why none have sold is because Okuma never sent me a rod to test or give a review on).

So on this day i was checking out the current inventory on display as their POP Marine Expo is next month on the 20th. So i decided to make this "walk through" tour w/my friend Dean who works there. Thanks buddy! Every year that goes by the inventory becomes more impressive & i'm finding it "harder" to leave the premises.


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Looks like a West Marine but much better stocked. (y)
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