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Using Seaguar & Fluoro-Stretch Fluorocarbon Leaders!
These are the 2 brands of leaders that i employ when out in the field. There are many brands of surf casting leader lines on the market. I first fell in love with Seaguar. I was taught by the company's rep on the technology that went into their products. Also i recently was educated in Soft Steel's Fluoro-Stretch brand. Imagine a fluorocarbon that actually stretches! Extruded from Japan.

I pre-fabricate my casting leaders way before i enter the coastlines. I have a multiple number of line strengths & Mustad hooks to target Bonefish to GT's. It's what a well prepared angler does. Every rig i use is pre-fabricated from live bait to catching the bait. I prefer using the loop to thread through a 3-way HD swivel. From all my GT's to a +300lb Marlin this system works. You know what they say about "if it ain't broken".



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