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>I am going to go out on a limb here and guarantee that there
>will be White Sea Bass caught at Catalina this weekend. Posted Thursday, May 11th

Ater posting this prediction I realized how dumb it was. There is no win in predicting, if the fish bite great, but if they do not...what a knucklehead! The good news is that within 24 hours of making this prediction, I get the call that the WSB are on the chew under the light in what locals called the best WSB bite in years. Boiling on the iron! The word on this bite spread faster than a prairie fire and by Friday I was in the middle of 40 boats under the light. Only saw two fish boated that night, but there were a good number of WSB caught at Catalina this weekend. By my personal count there were at least two (probably more)off the kelp at West Cove, two in the Little Harbor area, two near Parsons and a decent number under the East End light.

I will only make one more prediction. If you join my Capture the Flag Tournament you will have a great time and you will get great dope for fishing the island from Mark Wisch at our kick-off meeting on Thursday, May 25th at the Cabrillo Marina Plaza in San Pedro. Bring your buds, learn some new teghniques and put them to use in our tournament. Sign up now at
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