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President Newsom

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Will Newsom run for president? The qualifications of senility, incompetency and stupidity, already a precedence.
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Newsom is a great American statesman!!!!!

With Kamala on the top of the ticket and Newsom as VP they would be unbeatable!

I imagine she'll bring in Willie Brown as Chief of Staff.
Let's hope NOT!!!
Must be a right-wing-extremist. Everyone love Newsome and he has done more for California than the last five governors combined!
Newsoms crap gas, in my Prius, up to 35mpg.Driving in Oregon, using, their gas,45mpg.
Don't worry about the Prius, in a few years it will be barred from California roads, and when Newsome is elected President in a landslide he'll make it illegal everywhere in the country. You'll have to tow it to Mexico to sell it.
What, you guys don't like high-speed rail?
that is their sports teams,,not sure but to ACC ,,check on line
Okay, their teams are changing divisions.
With Kamala as President, Newsom as VP and Willie Brown as Chief of Staff it will be a formidable Administration.

Perhaps Juicy Smollett can head of the new "Ministry of Truth".
With Newsom wanting to take away my second amendment rights, I say come on over,youll need take my amo first.
Are they not already trying to take as much of your ammo as they can?
To, my Pattaya amigo, tell us what all already know, this state, the most anti constitution state in the nation.

I never lived in Pattaya, I'm in Bangkok since I retired and was in Kabinburi, Prachinburi when I was working.
Isn't there any places where live that you can catch descent fish? Or, is it fished out?
Me or Ray? There are places to fish here, but mostly fresh water, and the ocean action is a little difficult to access.
Assuming he can still fog a mirror, I do not see Biden not running.

In the event he is unable to fog a mirror, I don't see how Kamala-la does not run.

I'm guessing Newsom as her VP choice, but I would not rule out John Fetterman, Juicy Smollet or Willie Brown.
A Harris-Brown ticket would suck. Literally
I think Fetterman might be a better choice for her, as anyone else would make her look even dumber than she is.

I like Willie Brown as Chief of Staff and Juicy Smollet for FBI director.
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1 - 13 of 35 Posts