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This September our fishing report starts off with more of what we had last month. The big marlin, sailfish, and mahi-mahi have started to move into our fishing grounds. The weather has been perfect with the passing of a few storms offshore. Not many people know September as one of the best months to fish in Puerto Vallarta. First, there are fewer people here with school back in full swing in the United States and Mexico. Second, we have more bait that comes into our bay and offshore fishing area. If you read my fishing report you will always hear me write about following the bait trail. If you are on the bait you will be on the fish. One of the last factors is it’s still summertime and days that are longer. Sun comes up here in September 7.30 am and sets about 8.30 p.m. Giving us plenty of daylight hrs. To hunt down any type of fish you may be looking for. September is a great month for Dorados, sailfish, marlin, tuna, and all the game fish you want to catch in the bay of Puerto Vallarta. Let’s talk about where we fish in the month of September.
Puerto Vallarta snapper fishing

The bay fishing happens to be right now in Nuevo Vallarta. The south side of the bay has been very productive. Here on the south side of the bay the Los Arcos,Qumixta,Los Amimas and Yelapa are always good fishing in the month of September. If you the right spread set up for all the fish we catch in the bay you might see some billfish behind your spread. Happens all the time, so keep a sharp lookout on the short corner. The marlin and sailfish love to surprise us by taking a black Bart lure of even a sewn-up mullet bait.
A little know fact is that the sailfish love this south side of the bay when during a full moon. There will be half the fishermen that don't like a full moon and the other half of the anglers who love the full moon. Myself, I guess I have to be neutral on this point as I have had some incredible days on the full moon and some that have not been great days. Leave us a comment on the full moon debate down below.
The north side of the bay seems better for yellowtail,(sometimes schooling ) Spanish mackerel,skip jack tuna, mahi-mahi, and some roosterfish. We depart from Nuevo some days and get lucky fishing the area of La Cruz all the way up to Punta Mita. The are several favorite fishing spots along this shore of the bay. Palo Verde in one of the best and you never know what will be biting around this underwater knoll . I’ve seen snapper all the way to sailfish in September taking our baits along the beautiful beach area. Be sure and take extra bait in the part of the bay. You might find the fish schooling in this month of fishing here. To see what you can expect to catch offshore please take a look at the offshore fishing report in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta bay fishing

This September we will be busy fishing offshore around Labor day. We will be fishing in several offshore destinations like the El Morro. The Morro is known for its close proximity to Puerto Vallarta, located just outside the bay. The sailfish, marlin and Mahii-Mahi love the area. This is just offshore and can be done in an 8 hr trip. This fishing area holds bait from the abundance of bait and reefs. The roosterfish and amberjack love to feed in this honey hole of a fishing spot. I’ve also landed huge marlin in September here. Fishing with small tuna or large bonitas of 5 to ten lbs can produce some very productive fishing.
For the more adventurous angler, we have the Cornetena and Banco. These offshore trips are 10 to 14 hrs. The first Corbetena hold marlin and tuna all year round. There is always bait there, hence the fish congregate around the area, depending on the water temperature and water clarity. If you have the right temperature and deep cobalt blue water. Watch out. The big fish will be there.
El Banco is about 50 miles offshore and holds everything you can fish for in the Pacific ocean. This is the mecca of fishing ground out of Puerto Vallarta. I’ve fished here for over 35 years and know of only one fishing spot that is better. Can anyone guess where it is at?
dorado fishing in Puerto Vallarta

As you can see in the month of September we have you covered for either offshore fishing or bay fishing. We have a toll-free number to check the weather and fishing reports before coming down. Just let us know how many are in your group/family and I will personally guarantee you a fabulous day on the water here.
Hope to see everyone out there on the water
Tight lines
Capt. Peter and crews
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