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I worked the RFA booth Wedns. and got to meet some new ACers like Hithard (Mike Cimmarussti), and old ones like Neill and Chuck, Maliafishslayer, and a few others. We are opposite the F&G booth. We have a raffle for 10-day on the Qualifier 105 ($2500 value) that they generously donated to RFA. The winning ticket will be drawn at the close of the LB Hall Show on Sunday.

Take a chance and buy some tickets, or T-shirts or hats to help us with expenses attending all the MLPA and F&G Commission meetings up and down the coast. The enviros sure don't subsidize us, LOL. I'll be working the booth again all day and night Saturday, so come by and say hello and shoot the sh***t. Joel (Linglover) is working with me and he'll happily show you the photo of his 221# YFT he caught on the Q105 recently and featured in the latest edition of the RFA magazine "Makin Waves". Take a copy of "Makin Waves" with you and see the scope of the activities in defense of recreational fishing RFA engages in here in California, around the country, and in Wash. DC.

Fish the Tides - Freddie
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