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Reel Time's Radios are back ONLINE

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Great News Everybody,

Tomorrow morning (Saturday Feb 18th) will be the first day of being back online with my Radio Reports!! YAHOOOO! Only bummer is it will likely be raining. In any event though I will be here reporting on what ever I hear or can dig up.
Thanks to everyone who has supported us through these very difficult times. I can't wait to get started.

Till tomorrow morning........
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VERY NICE, YIPPY YIIII YAH !!! Thats the best news since my first child was born. NICE, NICE, BITCHIN, WAY COOL !! I know you will do a fine job Danny. Good luck with your new equiptment. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!
Excellent news Danny!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Thanks Guys!
What a day to reopen this service though LOL It's somewhat likely I won't hear a single thing all day due to the lousy weather. Oh Well

I'm getting pretty decent reception considering the conditions today from my new antenna location in Huntington Beach. While there hasn't been any talk about fishing I have heard that the wind is pretty calm and the seas are almost flat.

So far I have been able to hear down as far south as the Domes and up to Marineland and 1 guy in a slip at Avalon. This is pretty good during times of a low pressure system moving through. This range will increase a bunch with good weather.
Add to that we will be adding a 2nd antenna in the point loma area VERY soon so you Tuna guys won't be left out.

I will also be adding 1 in the Channel Islands are if I can get enough interest in having one there. The equipment to do each location is VERY expensive, plus the cost to operate it is costly too, so I'll need enough people signing up to cover the extra cost involved.
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WAY to go Danny..

Congrats and thanks for sticking with it.

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