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Reflective tape,larger buoys

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Where can I find the DOT reflective tape? Graingers has it for $48 a roll,A little to much.Loews does not have it.
Also looking for the larger buoys for the hoopnets.
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I got large commercial size bouys at Fishermans Hardware in San Pedro. If you cant find them, I have access to them through Badfish.

As for the tape, I have not been able to find a reliable,cheap source other than my one contact who works for the city, and gives me all the scrap street sign clippings.
Shoot Mike/kantn8r an email.

3 years ago he managed to get us 100 2 by 12 inch strips for
80+ dollars, we split it. Maybe he remembers where he got it.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'. or

These guys have all kinds of stuff.
Light sticks work for people that like them.
Some people prefer the DOT tape and a spotlight.
And some prefer stock out of the box hoopnets.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.

These guys have some interesting stuff - and a free nifty catalogue.
wallmart has small rolls 2" by 2 feet 2 bucks a roll 20 bucks will do 10 nets

(fishhawk) jim
Pacific Edge has the larger buoys in 2 different colors for about $6 each. I bought some last week to replace the little floats and plastic bottles with light sticks.

I added reflective tape plus light sticks on the large buoys (so that other boaters not using a spotlight can see your float also). Take a look at Mark's customized hoop net at his shop that he uses. You may want to do something similar for efficiency and to keep ropes from getting tangled in propellers.
If you use reflective tape and you fish any of the popular spots,
you will need to guard your hoop nets closely or they will get run over.

Most of the new hoop netters use light sticks and thats all
they are looking for,so they will not see you gear until it is to

If you don't catch them doing it,most people,(not all) will deny wrapping your line and ask you why you are not using light sticks.

Been there,done that.

Watch your gear like a hawk,or the money you save on light sticks
will be spent buying new hoops and line.

Once again, that's JMHO,as they say.
I hope it's positive and productive. ;)
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Hello The rough house

Went to the saftey-direct web site. They took care of business.
Thanks Tom
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