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Including The Lines & Rods Chosen For Each Spinner Model!

My good friend sent me his 2 Helios Spinners (the 20 & 30) so now i have all the sizes as i started with the 40. I can honestly say this is the smoothest spinner i'ver ever used. All my friends are getting bored listening to me saying how much i love it. So one of them decided to purchase one to see what my hype was all about.

My buddy absolutely loves his Penns. Now he also loves using his Helios. It's well balanced & cranks oh so smoothly. Now when i go out for myself i bring my Helios. My personal friends know how much i love the Helios for whipping. If i dunk with spinners i use The Cedros, conventionals it's the Alijos. For plugging i use the Makaira. Even Joe Olivas of Kauai spoke highly of the Helios.

But i'm only recommending to those that use spinners that if it doesn't hurt your family budget that you may want to give the Helios a serious look. Thank you & stay safe everyone.



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