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Roadtrip: Newport Beach to Manhattan Beach 1/2/06.

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After having been in the house for the better part of 10 days I needed to get out today.
I grabbed the Mrs and headed for the beach.

Here's some pictures of our days journey.
WET, COLD, WINDY, and plenty of WAVES!!!!

Newport Harbor Inside.

Newport Beach Harbor Patrol Boat headed out.
We have no idea where he was headed to.

Newport Harbor Channel.

THE WEDGE from a distance.

Newport Beach Pier.

Newport Beach.

Huntington Beach Surf.]

Huntington Beach Pier.
And it disappeared from my eyes within 2 minutes when Mother Nature wreaked havoc.

Palm Trees in the wind, Huntington Beach.]

Looking at the L.A. Federal Breakwater from the inside.

Fallen portion of a tree at Cabrillo.

Cabrillo Surf.

Looking at the L.A. Federal Breakwater from the outside.]

This crap was everywhere today!
This happened to be in San Pedro.

Redondo Beach Breakwater.

Manhattan Beach Surf.

Manhattan Beach Lifeguard practicing in the heavy surf on a Jetski.

This is just a porti of what we saw today.
It was just plain nasty everywhere!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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You covered some ground....thanks for the pics.
GREAT!! Thanks!!
Really liked the pier disappearing in a downpour!!
Great shots....really wild stuff.
Thanks, John!

My Three Sons
did the same thing with wife and kids we were hoping for some big surf but it was all blown out glad I was on shore.

(fishhawk) jim
Thanks for the pix, I'd share the pix of my day yesterday, but I'm not sure anyone would be interested in seeing me sitting in the Barker lounger in a pair of sweats watching football all day :D
Hey John,

That was way kool, thanks for the ride along. It gives me some ideas.

Great pics..., I love the panaramic shots...

So, being so cold, rainy and windy, how did your wife enjoy the beach? My wife would of slugged me by the time we got to Newport Pier or at least made me take her somewhere warm. You got a good woman there...

Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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Thanks for the coastal report John. Hope to see you on the water soon. Get well.
That looks like it would've been fun. Thanks for the pics. That really is covering a lot of ground.

When I told her we were heading for home she flipped.

I had 72 HQ pictures in the digital camera and forgot
to bring an extra card for more pictures. x( I was ready
to get home just getting over Bronchitis. She could
have stood on the beach all night and day, so she said.
I'd had enough though, and I reminded her that if I didn't
get out of the cold air and wind I'd be spending another
week with her at home during the day. I think I heard her say,
"turn this land boat towards home and put the pedal to the metal".

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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Nice pics John, Hope you feel better soon, and hope the water calms down alittle by fri night!!!!}(
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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