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The Next 2 8K Long Distance Spinners Will Be A Surf Caster & a Baitfeeder!

Because of Covid the shipments have been slightly delayed but 2022 will be the new release date for 2 long distance spinning reels by Okuma. A surf caster & a baitfeeder. I had the pleasure of surf casting to plugging one of the earlier 6000 releases & i loved it. Light weight unit that casts far. Handled an assortment of typical reef species from Barracudas to Jacks & Bonefish.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming releases of both 8000 long distance casters. Currently i'm plugging & surf casting my 8000 unit with 50lb Eminent Braid from Soft Steel. In hindsight 40lb braid or 25lb mono may have been a better choice. Rod lengths of Med to MH rods of 7-10ft feel well balanced. I'm guessing lengths of 10-12ft of Med to MH rated rods will fit the new releases.



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