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Royal Star Steps Up to the Plate Fuel Surcharges

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Taken from the RS website regarding surcharges. This is pretty transparent, instead of saying here is the cost pay it without explanation. IS THIS FAIR OR JUST WHAT IT IS NOW PAY IT!

May 08, 2008

New pricing based on fuel cost increase.

Due to unforeseen, rapidly escalating fuel costs, it is imperative we adjust our all inclusive fares to reflect present fuel costs. Royal Star anglers will realize fare increases as a "fuel surcharge" that will be added to each voyage as necessary using the following formula. The fuel price upon which advertised fares are based is $2.75/gallon. The total increase in fares will be calculated using the fuel consumption per day estimate of 450 U.S. gallons multiplied by cost increase above $3.00/gallon divided by the total number of anglers listed for the voyage.

*Fare increases will likely fluctuate as fuel costs can vary significantly between fueling intervals.
*Fuel price upon which fare increases are calculated will be available upon inquiry.

While we realize that fare increases are unwelcome, there is no way to effectively foresee the massive price increases that have dominated the oil industry during the prior three months. It is our goal to maintain transparent business practices while providing the fairest pricing possible for Royal Star anglers. In these difficult times we simply request our angler's patience and understanding as cost increases are the result of economic factors beyond our control.


Tim Ekstrom
Randy Toussaint
Owners/Captain's, M/V Royal Star
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I like doing business this way...up front and no hidden costs. :tu:
Outhouse said:
With the ever rising cost of fuel, such practices will encourage folks like me who travel from out of state to continue to come. Being a "Bean Counter" it is easy for me to get a grip on what to expect. Based on their given base, a 5 day trip will cost the boat $6750 in fuel (450 * 3 * 5). If the cost of fuel rises to $5 per gallon, then I could expect to pay an additional $180 if there were 25 anglers on board. I can accept this.

The only fear I have is that the Captains won't be as willing to try a far away spot simply because of the pre-determined arrangement. Last year on my Excel trip, the fish weren't biting at Cedros and Justin decided to travel WAY down south in search of warmer water. I appreciated the willingness to look for fish even though it meant traveling all night instead of being anchored at one of the islands.
I agree however if a boat doesn't catch fish on a level with other boats ridership will drop off...JMO
willy said:
This is an interesting development. Transparent, yes and I applaude the step in the right direction. I personally feel all the boats will continue to fish the way they always have. If their fuel nut is reasonably covered they will go the extra mile for fish. These things even out over a season. Their catch ratio and customer service will remain the same, this is what they have built their businesses on. If the people on a trip think for a moment they didn't go the extra mile to save on fuel, it will backfire. The internet has introduced the free flow of information to the fishing community like never before.
The other place they will get in a bind is if they fuel in Mexico and then still charge the surcharge at the same rate as before, that would be uncool so maybe some boats will not be so transparent.

BTW if I have to pay an extra $20 a day, it's a bargain. Hell I paid $5 fuel surcharge to have my wife's flowers delivered on Mother's Day. Looking at that I personally get more bang for my buck fishing LR.
willy now that's classic....I won't tell Karen what you said....;)

but everything you said was spot on...I think it is the DNA of all good skippers to go the extra mile or miles to find fish...they want them just as much as we do.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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