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Pulled out of my Newport slip a little before 0530 and headed to the bait barge about 10 min. away. We picked up a nice tank of beautiful sardines and made our way over to the frontside of Clemente. Five of us were on board today but we had plenty of room for all of us to fish. Our first stop was at a little rocky area with some kelp stringers. I was first in the water with a nice dine which was picked up right away by a big log barracuda. We caught a couple bass there also but that was it. We made 2 more stops for just a handful of more calicos at each stop. We kept on moving and the next stop produced a good bite for about half an hour. We kept on moving for about 15min. and anchored up on one of my favorite spots. Right away all 5 of us were hooked up on nice size calicos and this bite lasted over two and a half hours. A nice steady bite and we left them biting as we pulled out to try another spot. We had some really nice calicos come over the rail at that spot. I made about a 10 min. run and stopped on a big pinnacle with kelp stringers growing on top of it. We set the anchor and again the bass came up and we had another great bite that lasted a couple hours until our bait was about gone. By now it was 4pm so we pulled the anchor and headed back to Newport. The weather was hot with no wind. Water temps are now arouind 66 degrees. There were alot of the big bonito around and unfortunately several net boats were outside the Island netting probably thousands of tons of those big bonito. We kept a few calicos to eat but everything else was released. Its nice to have the suface bite starting up,we are all getting tierd of catching rockfish. Fantastic day on the ocean and can`t wait to get out again.

Dave 28 Farallon HOOKED


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