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Decided to stay local Saturday and fish the "shoe".

Launched out of Cabrillo at 6:30 and got a quick 1/2 scoop of bait. Decided to head straigh out of the LA gap where a friend has been doing pretty good on the Halibut in the last week.

Got to the spot and on my 1st bait, I get slammed. At first I thought it was the right kind and then I thought it was a big sandie. It was pulling line. got it up to the side of the boat and it was one of those funny looking calicos (about a 12lb BSb). The hook was right in the corner and he swam away no problem.

After that we had a pretty good pick on the Bass. We caught two nice calicos and about 10 Sandies--All but two were real legal.

The whole time we were really targetting the 'butts. Had a bunch of raked baits but nothing would take the whole bait (no trap rigs).

Did manage to pull up 1 Butt about 18".

It was washing machine conditions all day and we were driftin about 10mph but all in all a great day on the water.

Very few boats on the water. I guess for obvious reasons.'

20' Skippy Open
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