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I decided to give the spot you don?t want to fish on the weekends because it?s a zoo a try predawn this morning and guess what , it was a zoo LOL!!!. Anyway, got there at 5am and first cast out in the dark and I feel tap tap. I reeled down until the line went tight and then just lifted the rod tip. ZZZZZZ!!! Game on. Fought the sucker in the dark/gray and after a decent fight I slide this guy up on the sand.

He was 20 ½ inches and was released to fight another day. Kept working the area but the spot was over run with anglers today. Fished until 8:15am and didn?t spot any corbs and didn?t see anyone else catch anything around me.. Just got the one corb blind casting the waters edge about 40? up the beach.

Tight lines,
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