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Coppied from Stans site at SCMO

"The SBMT is going to happen. I canâ??t believe how fast things are starting to happen.
Donations are already coming in, people are committing to the signup and best yet people who wonâ??t fish the tournament are volunteering to help because the cause is a good one.
The stuff I can tell you about so far is;
Division 1 25ft to 30ft with less then an 8 ½ ft beam.
The spirit of the event is a trailerable boat tournament so there may be room for negotiation on a boat per boat basis.
Max per boat 4

Division 2 under 25ft with
Max per boat 3

We will have 30 boats per class, so a total of 60boats. Trophies to fifth place.

The event is a mixed species with points given according to the type fish caught. Marlin release the max points, but point for Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. This is still being worked out.
The idea is if no Marlin are caught we still have real winners and not have a drawing for the places.

The Eevent will be out of Dana point tentative date Sept 23-24th.

Cost per boat is $150.00

This tournament is a serious event and will get some coverage. Anyone wanting to help sponsor this event will be given the propper credit for there donations. First of all this is a fundraiser for Billfish research.The goal is to raise money for research that may effect the amount of billfish taken by comercial fisherman.

Some of the great Copmpanies on the sponsor board so far are Everol, COPA Lures, GS Custom and Big Mikes lures (of course)
There are going to be Rod/reel combos, birds, tagsticks, many lures and lure packs, gift certificates and much more.

And a special thanks to Stan at SCMO, the official hiding place of the SBMT organization.

This is going to be a killer event and I hope to see some of your guys there.

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