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Was going to wait to get the pics off my cousins camera ,but thought I would post anyway to give a heads up on clemente (will add pics later) .

Took off very late fri night from davies and picked up a GREAT scoop of squid from brian @ LBBC (thanks again) and set the auto pilot for SCI.

Arrived at our spot on the frontside around 2:30 am sat and put out the light, within a minute we had a steady flow of squid jetting around the light and was able to brail up some more for chum.

Layed down for a few while Darin stayed up and started fishing, around 4:00 I hear a real screaming!! Darin thinking "right kind all the way but ended up being a 50+ ray, between the 2 of us we hooked 4 of them along with 2 big leapard sharks before grey light.

Greylight came and went with no love on the seabass so we made a move to look for yellows .

Fished hard all day with alot of action, at least 100 calicos caught and released along with various sheephead and white fish.

Around 9:30 my cousin chris while fishing 15 lb on the kelp line hooking calico after calico goes BENDO!! 10 minutes later a 30 lb WSB finds the gaff and the skunk is off.

Soon after we start chasing HUGE boils of yellowtail as we watched yellows breezing all around but wanting NOTHING to do with our bait.

We tried deep,shallow,droper loop ,flyline,ect. for NADA but the yellows are definetly there. I would of gave anything to have had some nice mini macs!

I picked up a decent 27" Butt on the kelp line shortly before we left along with some small cuda that seemed to be everywhere but rarely bit anything.

Just a heads up for anyone thinking of making the run, it is a gamble but it could payoff BIG if you have the right bait at the right time.

total for the trip: 100+ calicos ( released) except for the doomed
4 BIG rays ( released)
2 huge leopard sharks (released)
8 sheephead (released)
15 whiteish (released)
1 halibut
A few pencil cuda
Overall a great day on the water as it was flat both ways and VERY warm.
We hit some water on the way back mid chanel that was 77 degrees

temps on the front of SCI were between 65-68.

Good luck to anyone giving it a try this weekend . Its due!
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