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Seasons Sportfishing CAT report 6/7/08:

We had a great group of guys out today from the LA area that work by night in the hollywood studios and everyone but the charter master had never been on the big pond fishing before....

The day started out with getting the guys up to speed on what they were in for and working our way through the 100 + boats in the area....

After a no go on the target species on the first stop , we picked up and made out first move do to the heavy boat pressure on the grounds.

2nd stop was a go with a 25' flatty for the guys and they also pulled on about 5 (40) + pound rays that schooled them to a breaking SWEAT!

Didn't see our hear of to many fish hooked today , but all great day on the water with a fast learning group of guys that by the end were flipping baits underhand... :)

Jason , Dan, Chris , Nick & Shaun great job fishing hard today!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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