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Set up for leopard sharks

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Can anybody recommend to me a good set up for Leopard Sharks from the surf? What is the minimum line I can use? My current set up has 12 lb line and I've realized that most Leopard sharks from the surf aren't too 12 pound test too weak?
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Tag and Release Sharks and Rays with the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation: We catch (tag and release) most of our sharks using nets however we are working to encourage sport light tackle anglers to carefully tag and release leopard sharks,smoothhound sharks, guitarfishes and thornback rays and have had some good results working up in San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay and Elkhorn Slough. If anyone is interested in supporting and getting involved with a tag and release program dont hesitate to contact us. We have tips (but not tippets) for those interested in tech, tactics and tackle for safely hooking up and landing these near shore denizens, fly fishing rigs work really well for these critters. Always be safe, sane and humane to both your crew and your quarry. Thanks, Sean S.R. Van Sommeran Executive Director/CEO The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation 831-459-9346 [email protected] WWW.PELAGIC.ORG Santa Cruz California Sinc 1990

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She's (Andrea) been on our volunteer and staff rosters since 2002 and was one of our course instructors during the 2007 season, she worked on all three of our projects including the white shark project.

She's a pro.

She's a top-notch surfer as well.

All our staff are first rate.


S.R. Van SommeranExecutive
Pleagic Shark Research Team
[email protected]
Santa Cruz California
Since 1990
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