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A long weekend as usual, it's suprising but until this weekend fishing and weather have sucked......

Now there's albies,bluefin and yellows reported......

It's around the 3 month mark, maybe 3 more to go....

Fuel hoses and breather hoses ran out to their fixtures...

Those holes have pipes ran thru them to accomodate the electrics and the hydraulic steering cables...

The battery shelf, there is one on both sides...

Looking at 4 group 31 batteries and 4 golf cart batteries...

This picture shows the battery shelf to the right, the bunk and the doorway to the house.....really cool


Decking is getting cut and laid, Alex is marking out the supports and looking to build a self bailing hatch to access the battery bulkhead...


Here's the hatch drainage channel that will get installed under the deck....

Got home about 9:00pm on Sunday, so I did'nt post....


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I sure wish I had the time, money, and patience for a project like this Neill.

She's going to be one sweet ride when she's finished.
The satisfaction you'll receive once she's completed will be like eating from your own garden.

Thank You for continuing to update everyone here on the progress!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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