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1st Time Using a Line Dancer For Shoreline Jigging!

For years i've used LineDancer. How good is it? I went out on a bright night whipping grubs for Reds & Scads. My friend caught nothing while i was catching. So i let him use my LineDancer & he was sold as we both filled our cooler. Thank you Bill at Line Dancer for believing in me & supplying me with LineDancers for 9yrs now!

So it dawned on me today that i could use this product for shore jigging? Is it possible? Never heard of it being used for that purpose. So i went out today and caught 2 small Jacks, the featured big Jack & a small Barracuda. In dirty water predators must use sound to zero in on their prey as eyesight is only a few feet. The vibrations the LineDancer emits mimics a thrashing fish. I could only stay out an hour as i'm recovering from Covid. Been sleeping for 15hrs since i got back home.



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