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(JUMP TO 6:34)! Testing The NEW MEZASHI JIGS For The USA in 2023!

After weeks of being "rained in" from bad weather i had the chance to get out early to fish before sunrise. Since the Izuo Brothers Product Show last month on Oahu my stack of equipment that needs to be field tested has grown. I still have rods in tubes to un-spooled reels & lures all BNIB waiting to get wet.

So i spent 2hrs in the cold getting wet but it was rewarding! I was catching so many fish in under 2hrs that i could've filled my small Igloo Cooler. But i was releasing all my catches back. The Mezashi Jigs from Japan was getting smacked 1 out of every 6-10 throws. Some were too small to normally keep while others only tail whacked the jigs trying to "stun them". It was actually fun to fight fish while watching the sunrise.

On several casts i must've threw the jigs right on top of them as those lures got "struck" immediately. The Americanized Mezashi's are close to the European/Asian releases. The only difference is Mustad swapped out the original Jaw Lok Trebbles & opted for the Ultra-Point Trebles. I noticed when the Jacks struck the Ultra-Point Trebles that it was a firm hook-up. And using the pliers to my fingers i was able to safely remove those hooks safely without impaling myself as well. And the fish weren't noticeably harmed or bleeding heavily.

Now i did add a "Line Dancer" to my spinning rod which i've found over the years have greatly improved my catch ratio. Meaning if i work the same area with someone else who hasn't even heard of it i'd be the one receiving more strikes consistently. Been using them straight from the company's founder since it was invented. Earlier testing has shown that Barracudas not only love these lures but has destroyed several of them.



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