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My Shore Jigging is Defined Enough to Catch Most of The Time!

I'm still defining my choices in equipment & technique but i'm catching decent sized fish on almost all of my outings. Rod lengths & ratings have to be matched to the line strength & jig weight to cast the distance i need & on my last out i was hitting 100yd easily. My good friend Russel was with me & he looked amazed as well.

After months of using dozens of rods & reels to different lines i found these to work the best for my shoreline jigging needs.

9'9" Guide Select Pro rated at Med 3/8-1oz is the heaviest i'll go. I average 60-70yd using a 20g Tracershot jig. If i go to 25g going with the wind at my back i was hitting 90-100yd. This rod can handle large fish. Not much bend due to the modulus & shorter length. I use a 4K spinner on it.

SST Travel Spin travel rod that came out in 2022. 4pc at 10'6". Rated up to 3/4oz. With no wind i'm hitting 70-80yd easily using a 20g Tracershot. Not a powerful lifting rod, more of a long-distance finesse type. I use the length to tire out the fish. Great for a 3k spinner. I like the longer length of this rod. Tends to tire out the fish.

Don't use fluorocarbon as it sinks & i'm working the shallows. If you go monofilament 8lb is my best choice. My 6lb has snapped if you try to force the fish out of the mangroves (the areas i frequent has shoreline mangroves-hooked fish tend to use their surroundings to break free). 8lb is a good thin line. I prefer going 10lb braid (i use Eminent Braid by Soft Steel). Thin enough for good reel yardage. In dirty water fish don't see it. In clear water i'd go 8lb mono. I tend to hunt shoreline species under 15lb. But these rigs can handle larger sizes.

Before for this type of shoreline fishing i used lead eggs with leadered lures/grubs. I'd loose a lot of these operating the shallows. Now i tie my line directly to my Mustad Ball Bearing Swivel w/ring & Cross Lock Snap. The #2 is rated up to 45lb, #3 100lb. Do you know how many Mustad Jigs i've lost all these months? Zero. The added length keeps the line safe from reef obstructions & fish teeth. I'm saving so much money on buying new terminal gear. On rising gas cost my money goes there now! LOL



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