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I'll take that as a no then....... :p

Pretty nice afternoon here in the Pacific Northwest, of course it took most of the day to wring the clouds of precipitation, but it did clear and warm, and Denise and I took advantage of it with a walk along the beach after dinner.

Sunset a working....

This couple looked on with stars in their eyes, but......I guess the magic was just too strong for them, as they scurried off before the finale to who knows where, but I've a good hunch [email protected]

And this one too...


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Hey Haskell, Too many sunsets. You've got to mix it up.
We need to see if you can find some classic cars like a nice
'Barn Find' or some fishing pics. Summer coming, how about some pics
of the northern ladies, throw in some homeless people.
Do you go wandering for cow pies prior to sunset tripping?
Got Fungus Haskell:? No, Not between your toes.

Barn Find! Check out that hitch.
Not this car but my brother up north just found a 1938 Chevy 2 door coupe, clean and straight, sitting years, $1000

Trip on this Eddie :tu:
Keep up the good work.
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