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Just found this new website that has all the info on the stickers and membership. We travel to Baja monthly and are bigger targets now than ever because of the lack of tourists traveling in Baja. Having been members for a couple years we have been unmolested by corrupt Mexican cops. I was pulled over last year for a BS speeding ticket @( but the cop did not notice the SOS sticker until he got off his motorcycle. He said I was speeding even though Mexicans were blowing by me at 80 MPH. I said I wanted to pay the ticket in court and he quickly gave me a warning.
This sticker is not a get out of jail card. If you break the law, pay the fine to the court, just like in the USA. The sticker is not a 100% deterrent for corrupt cops, but it?s probably 99%. If you display the sticker, they know you know the game. I like the odds.
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