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SMB Sand Bass

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Hi Gang,
This is my first post. I have been reading all the great info from all of you for the past three months and learning lots. I will be taking my nephews out locally this Saturday and understanding the fishing is slow, may be someone can direct me in the right direction. I would like to target some Sand Bass and/or Halibut may be out of Marina Del Rey or Oxnard. Any suggestions???
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It's 4 Reel! - Parker 23

Glad to have you aboard. I've never launched out of Oxnard but am somewhat familiar with Marina Del Rey. We are heading out of MDR on Saturday and heading North to an area called the Deep Hole. There are lots of reefs that could be hotspots for Bass and Halibut. If Deep Hole is slow we'll head south of Pt. Dume and fish the Big Kelp Reef area. This time of year there are many lobster traps that are usually marking some structure as well. Good luck out there, I'll be monitoring Channel 69 and 72.
Thanks It's 4 Reel,

I appreciate the advice. I will be out there Saturday on a 21' Striper and will head up North per your suggestion. I am fairly new at this and about the only spots I have are for Rockfish and Lingcod.

Thanks, may be we will see you out there!

I launch out of both marina's on a regular basis. Because of the large west swell that came in yesterday, it will probably be a little bumpy launching out of Oxnard tomorrow. Launching out of MDR and heading up towards Malibu pier in 50'-70' would be my recomendation. I've caught quite a few flatties in that area. I also agree that deep hole produces a lot of fun. I however will be launching out of Oxnard tomorrow. We are in retrobution mode, in search of a 40+lb flatty that narrowly escaped our grasp last year at this time. Depending on conditions, we could make it down to deephole.
Good luck, and ring me with your report @ 818-324-3752
Skipjack 20
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