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Solo Hooping Safety Discussion

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Each season I do quite a bit of solo hoop netting. So far,
knock on wood, I have not had any really dangerous/close
calls. But I was thinking about what would be good safety
practices in this situation. Things that come to mind are
to wear a PFD, have the anchor ready to deploy, have easy
access to a sharp knife, and to have an informal float plan.

I have never fallen overboard......yet......but have been
pretty close a couple of times. I have never wrapped the
prop on my boat......yet.....but have on others. And I have
never lost power at a critical moment. All of these and
more are possibilities. Any more ideas on good safety
practices for a solo hooper?
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a mask and wetsuit might not be a bad idea. if you do end up wrapping a net in the prop really bad and have to go in to cut it out, you might be glad you have and a mask to see what's going on down there. and a wetsuit would have keep you warm (and afloat).

Gettin' Ugly
Ya Mike a mask and wetsuit are a must as you should know! also some Glow sticks which will work underwater.

LOL get it?


I'd somehow knock the transom annnnd the motor off my boat before
doing what you described. Then I'd paddle . . somehow . . what was
left of the rest of my boat back to the launch ramp. What the ?
was Mike thinking that night?

You need an upgade to a boat where ropes come off easier,
orrrrrrrrr THE Captain makes sure he doesn't . . JMO of course.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Very funny guys........somwhow I knew this would have to come
up. Yes the mask, wetsuit and light stick is a good idea, but
there may be some other things to consider as well. And things
other than shrinkage. LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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