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The deep sea fishing in punta cana Dominican Republic have been great and successful during september.the weather was alright comparing with years before,slow wind and sunny,the ocean was normal (1 to 3 feet wave) perfect for the easrtern coast of the Dominican Republic.
Our charter Captain Emilio Santana on our sportfishing boat named INTREPIDO has had one of his best sports fishing season in punta cana,the bigest surprise was at the biggining of september when him and his firstmate Marcos ventura caught 4 billfishes at only 3-7 miles offshore with light tacle 20 and 30pds penn international reel, in this catch they had 3 sailfishes bite at once and 1 white marlin around 68 pounds,wich were all released.
The mahi mahi season is been also spectacular this month our skippers report 200 pieces (12-50 pounds) during september wich were very good for the BBQ.

Our skipper Manuel Mota on our sport fishing boat Bertram42 named SHEKINAH reports 3 blues marlin,2 sailfishes,1 white marlin and 150 dorados during september.
In october we espect to break this number because the winter is almost arriving and it atract mahi mahi,bonito in big shools to the feeting spots,
In First Class Fishing Charter as salt water fishing outffiter we will keep you update with the latest fishing report from Punta cana Domnican Republic.
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