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Man I guess I doan my way around here very well. Well anywhere, I guess. Let's try again...

So I need to try (again) to figure out those ARs up in MDR. Yep, next SWBA stop. And it's funny; you can find maps that will show every little rockpile in fine detail. It will even show how they're laid out, little kidney shapes n all. You can spend hrs doing the math; converting the 'two digit' seconds into the three digit 'decimals', then entering all these numbers into your electronics (talk about crunching numbers) go right to that spot and, of course, there's never anything on the screan. :x

I've found that straight lines work best; you know, travel straight N for a while then come back down. Boring as hell, just putzing along lookng at the screan. But this seems to be the best way to cover ground, instead of circles. And sometimes there's a pattern; rockpile just NE of the numbers let's go look at the next one. Bingo

So I knew that Sunday was gonna be the kinda day to .. Pack a Lunch (and now I know why they say that)

Water was holdin right at 64 though and the bass weren't just moping around on the bottom, so it was kinda cool to see the screan light up, flip a bait out and get bit on the sink. Or cast out beyond it and grind it up at a 45 deg angle.. there he is...

Wanna learn how to read your meter.. fish ARs. But it's funny how there seems to be a clock ticking inside a me. Runing whenever I'm fishing this way, no matter how hard I try, a couple hrs of this kinda fishing and it's all I can take. #$%^&*(*& Off for some skinny water.

There they are. But not the deep water boilers that you can find down in Dana, just some big rocks layin up on shore. Beach stuff, and much better fishing. Talkin those dark colored calicabaz, chizled out and muscular. Later in the day though, tons of grass, crank outta the question, trebble on the iron coming back all loaded up. But a fast n slow with the swimmie (tell me if there's a better bait) specially if it was just lolly gaggin near the base of one a them rocks... hello!!!

Can't milk it though, tourney coming up and there's some beautiful kelp stringers sittin just outside. Well every day is different, if ya know what I mean, beautifully stained water and everything looked good (cep for a high sun) only good for a couple short bites. But they're there. I'll get em in the grey next time.

Talked to Lil Ceez @ the washdown who had a great day. Now it's time for lunch, chicken strips stuffed inside a couple hotdog buns, but damn that mayo. Something about those squeezable things, only good for a couple farts. I needed a knife

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You are the Calico master, if they are there you will find them...

Last time I fished with this guy I put my rod back in the holder and just watched him....

Glad to see your around, asked Back lash about you in Cabo last week...


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Hi Chris,
Enjoyed your MDR report. Good luck in the SWBA tournament. I'm not in SWBA but I like talking to some of the regulars. Sounds like you fish alot at Dana Pt alot. I haven't fished there much so I'll probably be doing the convert-map-numbers-to-GPS routine when I fish at Dana.
Thanks again for the good report.
Hope to see you on the water sometime.
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