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Squid availability

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Does anyone know if the receivers in the Long Beach area have any squid. Weather permitting, I would like to get out on the water sometime this weekend. Any information on the squid would be greatly appreciated.

Dalton Boys
21ft Parker
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i think you already read this, but betafish got some at the west receiver yesterday.

Gettin' Ugly
none at nachos or bills.......I was to far from the west receivers to see a sign....gave a call on 72 to you today.....hope you get out this weekend. Pukah had a great day.
The boys and I took the boat for a short ride Saturday morning. The wind was starting to kick up and the rain arrived on our way back in. We launched out of Davies and hid behind the breakwall all the way to Cabrillo. We took a peak out beyond the breakwall between the entrances, but it was way to rough as we took a couple of waves over the bow. Thank goodness for the bimini top and our windshield or I would have been soaked. All in all we had a good time, but all this poor weather has killed my fishing time. Oh well, Mammoth should have a ton of snow by the time I get there on Thursday. Happy New Year to all!

PS: I wasn't the only fool out there.

The Dalton Boys
21ft Parker
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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