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Puerto San Carlos – Magdalena Bay
Water Blue Lake Liquid Wind wave

A great Christmas for us again, fly fishing for marlin in Magdalena Bay. We both landed and released several fish in the 180 to 200-pound range. We had the entire ocean to ourselves with beautiful weather. It was a perfect trip, with seals, birds, humpback whales, beautiful sunsets, and rises. We could cast to fish feeding on sardine bait balls all around the ocean. We followed the birds feeding on the pieces and parts left over from the marlin crashing into the bait. Watching it all happen was so amazing. Our favorite guide and friend, Juan, showed us four days of amazing fish and Mother Nature’s beauty. After an hour+ tug of war with each fish, we finally got them to the boat. Juan then grabs their bill and fights to quickly get the fly out of the side of their mouth so they can swim again. Such a beautiful experience. Getting a bit old to do much more of this!!!! Hope you all had a great holiday. Neither of us thought of you – not even once. We were too busy enjoying the creation of our world! Janet Downey

Stripers and Snook kick-off 2023
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