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SUNLINE of Japan is Now in Hawaii! 3 New Lines to View!

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From Leader Lines For Pluggers to Ultra Light Mainline & UL Leaders!

Japan's popular Sunline is coming to America. First we look at the Sunline Monster Battle Taper Leaders. Japan has the best extruders in the business & this leader line is proof of that. Comes in varying strengths & is UV resistant. Explanation of application is in the video.

Then Sunline's Siglon V Tournament Line! From UL to GT applications. IGFA class as well. The molecule spaces are now resin filled in a new modified process of line extrusion to develop this hydrophobic line. Yes the best fishing line extruders are still the Japanese. And the UV protected line won't weaken under sunlight because of this process. That makes this ultra-light monofilament line a good choice when spooling your favorite UL reel.

100lb-40lb Strength
Diameters: 0.91-0.52
Size: 30-10 (5m x 2sets)
100lb-60lb Strength
Diameters: 0.91-0.6
Size: 30-14 (5m x 2sets)

So what do i use for my leader for Sun-line's Siglon V Tournament Line?

Try Sun-line Siglon FC Fluorocarbon Leader!
Siglon FC Fluorocarbon 100%.
Type: Fluorocarbon Line in 4lb & 6lb Reviewed.
Line Class: 4lb
Length: 30m (33yds)
Diameter: 0.16mm
Line Class: 6lb
Length: 30m (33yds)
Diameter: 0.2mm

No wonder Japan's Aji anglers are loving this Sun-line product.


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