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Surf's Up!!

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Just got a call from a guy down in my marina (Dana Landing)who let me know that the huge swell tore my slip liner from under the boat. Apparently it was going out to sea with the tide.

Hope I don't have any trouble with my insurance company. I believe it should be covered.

Anyone else out there had problems with their slip liner when the swells get big? I think I'd like to replace it but am having second thoughts.

Nice Christmas gift, huh?

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The surf is graphic, and will get nasty again next week!

I was speaking with Larry Derr (owner of In-Seine Bait)
in Marina Del Rey and he told me the following this morning.

1) He was not selling PB'ers bait a few days this week.
When they arrived at the dock he'd tell them it's
too rough to go out. Boaters would argue with him
and he'd tell them go take a look, and if you still
want to go out after you see it then I'll sell bait
to you. Every PB'er would come back in and say,
"WOW! that's some nasty stuff out there!".
NO $hit, like Larry would lie to them.

2) The water coming down the channel, as it comes around the corner
from the 'round house', could have been used for whitewater river
rafting. Yes, it was raging that hard!

3) The surge at the bait dock was snapping chains that helped hold
the recievers together.

4) There were 3 to 4 foot waves coming down the MDR channel.

And yet, people head out in this stuff. I just don't get it!
There is a very fine line between being brave and stupid!

Yesterday some guy just had to head out in a rubber raft.
He did manage 3 legal Halibut.
At what price are you willing to get your fix?

I'm a hoopnetting/Lobster and Halibut addict, but not in these conditions.
Why can't people wait?

Oh and btw, similar problems have occurred in the MDR
harbor as you described happening to your boat liner.

Happy Holidays Chris.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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